4th Preston (Royal Cross)

Over the years many families have approached school to ask if we could support our children to attend their local Scouting Groups, because leaders found it challenging to communicate with deaf children. We would have loved to have done this but it just wasn’t possible within our teaching roles, so reluctantly we always had to say no. This meant that for lots of our young deaf children the exciting world of Scouting just wasn’t possible and meant that many missed out on opportunities to develop independence and mix socially with their hearing peers. So when an opportunity came along to set up Scouting within school with our own specialist staff, we welcomed the opportunity and with the support of the Scouting community ‘Project Royal Cross Scouting' began!

We are now established as 4th Preston (Royal Cross). We hold a Beavers Colony and a Cub Pack meeting in school every Friday afternoon. The children arrive by taxi dressed in their Beaver or Cub jumpers and their two-tone neckerchief, our school colours. Our fantastic staff come in their scouting uniforms too and there is a buzz around school as everyone looks forward to putting their school books away and getting on with the fun business of Scouting! It’s great to hear the cheers and laughs that reverberate around school on these afternoons as children and staff take part in activities and add to their badges. This specialist support within school enables all children to take part in a Scouting Programme that looks just the same as any other within the Scouting community.

It takes a great deal of confidence to be a lone deaf child in a hearing world, this way our children have the support of each other, deaf adults and specialist staff to help them participate on an equal footing.

The Scouting magazine has written an article about our scouts in their Autumn edition, check out page 41.

The NDCS has written an artcle about one of our Beavers from the family's perspective, check out pages 16 & 17. 

St George’s Day Scouting Parade 2018

Sunday 29th April 10:00

Sunday the 29th of April is St George’s Day.

Each Year all the Scouting groups from Preston take part in a St George’s Parade across Preston to finish in Preston Guild Hall for a special celebration. We have been invited to take part as 4th Preston (Royal Cross) Beavers & Cub Scouts.

Families are warmly welcomed to join in the celebrations by following the children around as they parade and then invited to join other families within the Guild Hall as the children return after their parade.


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