School Council News

Mission Christmas!

The school council decided to run a cafe to raise funds for their chosen charity, Mission Christmas.

Royal Cross has applied to be a drop off point for gifts and the money raised from the cafe will fund gifts.

The children did find it a lot harder work than they thought!

Thank you to the school council and all our customers!

Pupil Questionnaire November 2018

The school council have helped with a questionnaire for our children.

This will make sure that the opinions of all our children are heard

and that we do our best to make school a fabulous place!

Harvest Celebrations 2018

Thank you to the School Council for organising this year's Harvest Celebrations!

Our families were very generous and very kindly donated lots of food which Rev. Pete took to the local food bank.

Latest School Council News September 2018

School Elections

Thank you to the School Council for organising school election for the position of Head Boy and Girl.

Congratulations to Neha and to Keele who were elected as new Head Girl & Head Boy!

Congratulations to our new School Council members for 2018!

School Fruit Campaign for Key Stage 2
Members of the School Council felt that it was unfair that only the younger children had fruit available in school.

The teachers and Head agreed!

From Monday 17th September there will be fruit available in school for ALL children thanks to the School Council! 

‘Communication is Key’