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Communciation is Key!


Nov - Each child now has a reading book - some of these may not contain any words. The pictures in these books lend themselves to creating opportunities for building a story yourselves; relating things in the story to things from your child's life/experiences and general discussion centred around the book. Reading with your child is essential in their language development, creating countless language development opportunites and therefore we encourage you to read with your child on a regular basis, from as young as possible. The younger the better!


Oct - Your child now has a 'Words we are Learning' book which they bring home with them each night. These are examples of vocabulary we are covering in class, linked to our learning. Please practise these words with your child. 


Sept - Vocabulary is of paramount importance in the early years. Before books or homework are sent out, we ask that, even more so than normal, over the next few weeks, you go that extra mile in giving your children extra time to talk together. You can go on Autumn walks, play games, look at picture books, visit family or try new things - all the while talking about what you are doing - building up your child's vocabulary through experiences.





‘Communication is Key’

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