In term 1 in Cubs we have been working on our Naturalist Activity Badge. This has involved us looking at things outside.  We had to take notice of the changes in our wild flower garden.

 We have done mini beast, butterfly, bird and tree identification hunts around the grounds of school.  

The Cubs made bird feeders using milk cartons and a wooden spoon.

They also made a bug hotel using an old pop bottle, leaves and twigs.  

We also made two hedgehog houses.  The Cubs made sock hedgehogs which they filled with compost and grass seeds.  They took them home and watered them.  They waited for the grass to grow.

To finish off our badge we learnt about the ‘Countryside Code’.

in Term 2 we are learning about Road Safety. We have been learning about road signs and the green cross Code.

The cubs enjoyed a walk out in the locality to practice crossing the roads safely and using a Pelican Crossing.  Have  alook at the photos.


‘Communication is Key’