In term 1 in Beavers we have been working towards their Cookery badge. To earn this badge the children have been:

  • Looking what makes a balanced diet. We looked at lots of different foods that the children enjoy and sorted them into healthy and un-healthy foods.
  • Finding out about why being clean in the kitchen is important. We spent a session in the schools cookery room talking about the things we need to do before we start cooking and the things we don't do, then practised getting ready to cook.
  • Learning about being safe in the kitchen. We went in the cookery room and looked at all the potential hazards in and around the kitchen.
  • Choosing 3 dishes to prepare and cook. At least one dish should be sweet and one dish should be savoury. they all took turns in making chocolate apples, pizzas and fairy cakes each week.


The Beavers have had lots of fun last term and truly enjoy coming to school in their uniform every Friday. We enjoy playing lots of games in-between working towards our badges. Remember to keep checking the gallery for photos.

After the holidays the Beavers will be working towards their Health and Fitness badge.



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