Willow Class - KS2 2019 - 2020

Mrs Sumsion

Welcome to the Willow Class where we are working hard to become independent learners. We follow the Key Stage 2 Curriculum which builds upon, and extends, the knowledge and skills we gained during our earlier years in school. Whilst we experience a more formal learning environment, much of what we learn is through practical, hands-on activities, building on our natural curiosities and creativity. This ensures high levels of motivation and enthusiasm which are needed for an optimum learning environment. It also creates further opportunities to build upon our language and communication skills.


We hope you enjoy exploring our page and that it gives you an insight into our class

Mrs Sumsion and Mrs Dewhurst



Please find below some songs that your children have created with Ben from More Music. Willow class have made songs about school, Victorian children, modern technology and even a song in Punjabi about food and celebrations. The class have explored using symbols to represent instruments and used a range of instruments from thumb pianos to drums and hand chimes. Sometimes we dressed as Victorian children to get into character and imagine what it was like to live in those difficult times.We hope you enjoy what we have created. 


‘Communication is Key’